Saremco Print Cleaning Concentrate for 3D Printed Devices


A water-based replacement for conventional solvents used in 3D printing.

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  • 3 liters of concentrate, when mixed with water, produce an impressive 17 liters of environmentally friendly cleaning solution.
  • Comprised of readily biodegradable components, it emphasizes environmental sustainability.
  • Unlike typical solvents, it lacks the strong odors, providing a scent-free cleaning experience.
  • Moreover, it surpasses both isopropanol and ethanol in terms of safety, as evidenced in a comparative analysis.
  • This solution enables effortless, thorough, and residue-free cleaning of printed objects, allowing for immediate post-processing.

Product Features:

  • Cost-effective and high-yielding concentrate, leading to significant savings.
  • A superior alternative to formulations containing isopropanol (IPA), ethanol, and butyl diglycol, as depicted in the provided chart.
  • Ensures process safety with no hazardous or flammable gases.
  • Compatible with SLA & DLP 3D printed objects, including those from Saremco print CROWNTEC, as well as applications in the dental, jewelry, or model-making industries.
  • Environmentally conscious disposal or reuse through eco-friendly filtration methods.
  • Non-corrosive formulation.
  • Suitable for use in ultrasonic devices (observe specified handling times – 2 x 3 min; adhere to instructions to avoid exceeding recommended durations).
  • Surface-friendly: Preserves the integrity of 3D-printed surfaces, preventing the formation of white deposits.
  • Provides optimal cleaning performance for 3D-printed objects.

Concentrate Volume: 3L

Mixable Cleaning Solution: 17L

Weight8.30 lbs
Dimensions5.5 × 5 × 9 in



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