Since our first day, Ergometa has been focused exclusively on the 3D Printing technologies emerging in the world. We experimented with many different 3D printers, software and other equipment and materials to provide you with the best products possible.

Over the years, Ergometa has been about building strong partnerships with well-established manufacturers that we concluded from our tests to be the best. We are proud to have worked with and to represent great companies such as Asiga, Bego, Detax, Dentona AG and many others.

Our company provides complete 3D printing solutions with outstanding customer services. High-quality products and customer support are guaranteed.


Ergometa is a provider of 3D printing technologies, equipment, material and software. Our USA division was opened in 2018 in Southern California.


Ergometa is passionate about what it does. Our main priority is to build strong and long lasting relationships with our business partners. We provide our clients with top quality equipment and materials. Quality, fast and reliable service, affordable prices and an individual approach are our core values on which we build our business.


Ergometa sells high-quality equipment for 3D printing technologies. Our products include 3D printers including their accessories and a vast assortment of 3D printing resins. We also offer 3D printing service of Dental Appliances.


Ergometa is focused on selling material online and via the conventional method at our location in Southern California with a focus on the Western States. With a strong supply chain support system and a large inventory, we have the very competitive advantage to ship entire orders promptly at reduced shipping rates.

Our Family of Brands

High-quality equipment for professionals utilizing 3D printing technologies. Our products include 3D printers including their accessories and a full line of 3D printing resin from many different manufactures. We carry resins for many applications and industries including dental, medical, audio and microfluidic applications. We also offer an in house 3D printing service.

High-quality equipment for dental labs and clinics utilizing CAD CAM technologies. Our products include CNC milling machines and 3D scanners, Dental CAD and CAM software, a full line of custom implant components for all major implant systems, super translucent and pre-colored zirconia, cobalt chrome and titanium blanks, sintering furnaces, burs & end mills, CAD CAM tools and accessories.

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