Detax FREEPRINT® Cast 2.0


for the generative fabrication of high-precision casting objects.

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Light-curing, for 3D printing. For the generative fabrication of cast objects with precision casting technology. For DLP printers with a wavelength of 385 nm. Removal of non-polymerised residues in a two-stage process with isopropanol in an ultrasonic cleaning device. Light polymerisation units with LED lights or xenon flash light under inert gas atmosphere are recommended for post-curing. Investment is performed with phosphate-bonded investment materials. Burns residue-free. Correction or repair after printing is possible with easyform LC Gel.

  • Low viscosity and optimised curing depth for time-saving printing processes, low material consumption and fast cleaning;
  • Excellent dimensional stability after printing for safe application, particularly in model casting;
  • Printing results are distortion-free and precise, even with delicate constructions;
  • High-quality and precisely fitting casting results.
Physical data:
    Bending fracture > 70 MPa; modulus of elasticity > 1,700 MPa; combustion residue < 0.1 %.

red transparent

Instructions For Use
Safety Data Sheet
Printer Validation

Weight 2.45 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 9.5 in

500g, 1kg




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