Dentona Optiprint Lumina


3D printing resin for additive manufacturing of temporary crowns and bridges.

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Dentona Optiprint Lumina 385

Optiprint Lumina is  successor of temp 385: principally compatible with all LCD and DLP printers, no more sedimentation, colors A1-D4 and hollywood bleach, outstanding value. It is a biocompatible premium resin for the additive production of temporary crowns and bridges.

Special mechanical strengths ensure that the material meets the high demands in practice in all respects has grown.
This resin has good abrasion resistance. VITA color scale based resin colors add natural dental aesthetics.
Optiprint Lumina can be easily processed, polished and individually characterized with common composites.
The material is mouth-resistant and tasteless.

Special properties:

High mechanical strength
Natural dental aesthetics thanks to VITA tooth colors
Class IIa medical device

Weight 2.21 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 9.7 in

Vita A1(0.5kg), Vita A2(0.5kg), Vita A3(0.5kg), Vita A3,5(0.5kg), Vita B1(0.5kg), Vita B2(0.5kg), Vita B3(0.5kg), Vita B4(0.5kg), Vita C1(0.5kg), Vita C2(0.5kg), Vita C3(0.5kg), Vita D2(0.5kg), Vita D3(0.5kg), Vita D4(0.5kg), Vita A1(1kg), Vita A2(1kg), Vita A3(1kg), Vita A3,5(1kg), Vita B1(1kg), Vita B2(1kg), Vita B3(1kg), Vita B4(1kg), Vita C1(1kg), Vita C2(1kg), Vita C3(1kg), Vita D2(1kg), Vita D3(1kg), Vita D4(1kg)

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