Dentona Optiprint Gingiva 3D Printing Resin

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Dental 3D printing resin for printing gum gingiva masks (385 nm)

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Dentona optiprint gingiva is a special resin that was developed for the production of flexible gum masks with 3D printing technology.
The color of optiprint gingiva, which is very similar to natural gums, makes it easier for the dental technician, in conjunction with the gingiva-like flexibility of the material, to produce esthetic restorations.
Optiprint gingiva is the perfect complement to the special model resin optiprint model.

Special properties

  • Functional enhancement of the model
  • Natural reproduction of the gingiva
  • Flexible and tear-resistant


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Technical Data

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For more than forty years, Dentona has been dedicated to refining and advancing the production of dental models through a series of product innovations. Their commitment to translating research discoveries into specialized, high-quality products is centered around the benefits these innovations bring to their customers. Dentona has achieved a technological feat that was once considered unattainable. The Dentona brand covers the entire production process, from research and raw material selection to the manufacturing of dental products and final delivery to end-users, all consolidated under one roof. This comprehensive approach has consistently allowed Dentona to deliver the highest caliber products for over four decades. The integration of high-performance desktop printers with Dentona's generative resins has significantly improved user efficiency. Additionally, Dentona's product lineup includes compact and budget-friendly entry-level units, complemented by an extensive selection of premium resins.
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