Passive Mixer Kit


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Passive Mixer Kit

Passive mixer devices have from 2 to 5 inlets. The purpose of these devices is to mixing 2 and more liquids in a long co-flow manner, due to laminar flow in a microchannels. PM devices have a three different topology. Basic meander, S shape meander and a spiral path.

  • Microfluidic tubing kit: silicone 1m, PTFE 1m
  • Devices holder (1 pcs)
  • Holder plugs (4 pcs)
  • Plugs (6 pcs)
  • Meander device 25x75x4mm (2 pcs)
  • S meander device 25x75x4mm (2 pcs)
  • Pearl mixer device 25x75x4mm (2 pcs)
  • Spiral mixer device 25x75x4mm (2 pcs)

Channels of various sizes as small as 250 µm in some areas.



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