HBD 150 Metal 3D Printer

Precision machine for intricate metal parts, featuring advanced laser tech, fast speeds, and intuitive software for small-scale production and prototyping.

HBD 150 / 150D features a round base plate with a diameter of 159mm and an efficient, secure independent atmosphere purification system within a sealed glove structure. It includes sealed ports for adding and clearing powder, allowing these tasks to be performed without opening the chamber door, ensuring safe and stable titanium printing. These metal 3D printers are widely used in medical, dental, orthopedic, implant, rapid prototyping, educational, and research applications. The HBD 150D, particularly known as a medical and dental printer, is popular for producing 3D printed dentures, teeth (crowns), and implants.

Forming Size:Diameter 100 mm x 100 mm 100 mm Height 1
Laser Power:200W / 200W×2
Layer Thickness:10μm-50μm
Scanning Track Width:40μm-80μm
Scanning Speed:≤10000mm/s
Oxygen Content:≤100PPM
Protective Atmosphere:Protective Atmosphere: Integral sealed, automatic monitoring of oxygen content, recycling cleaning and collection coefficient ≥ 99%
Relative Density:99%+
Typical Accuracy:0.05-0.1mm2
Metal Powder:Metal Power: Stainless steel, Cobalt-chrome alloy, Tool steel, Titanium alloy, High temperature alloy, Hastelloy, and some precious metals
Software Package:Full open as hardware allowed
Processing Parameter Package:Equipped and customizable




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