Dental 3D Printing

From restorative dentistry to orthodentic devices. We produce surgical drill guides, removable die models, ortho models, custom impression trays, splints, partial frameworks, crown & bridge, inlays / onlays, gingiva and a range of dental appliances all on Asiga 3D printers.

Custom 3D Printed Parts

3D printing brings a revolutionary approach to manufacturing through three key advantages: Shorter lead time, design freedom, and lower costs. With the precision that Asiga 3D Printers offer we can print parts at up to 27 µm X/Y resolution and Z resolution from 1µm. 

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Digital Audiology

Precision, speed and productivity make Asiga 3D printers the ideal choice for a digital audiology workflow. We can produce earshells, earmoulds and silicone earmoulds effortlessly. We work closely with the leading biocompatible audio material manufacturers, bringing you the widest material range available.

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